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This is the design project produced by HOKKOH in collaboration with the artist AKI.
We HOKKOH charmed with creations of AKI-san present pleasant textile under the motto
"We make people's hearts wealthy and brighten our society by our print design".


The artist AKI took up the post of the world's first guest instructor with intellectual impairment at Musashino Art University at the age of 24.He developed his gift and started his art activities from the age of 14.Many live-painting events of the session with musicians or artists or personal exhibitions have been held in some places around Japan.He is described as follows 'AKI creatively uses various colors'.He are taken notice of as a young promising artist all over the world not only in Japan.

Orgabits french cloth
Cotton 100 (organic cotton11%)

Orgabits oxford
Cotton 100 (organic cotton11%)

60 lawn
Cotton 100

60 lawn
Cotton 100

We send application to make these designs registered@in "Japan Copyright Association of Textile Design".
And creations of AKI-san have "Copyright".
Act of copy is punished by the law.

We put our soul of contributing to the earth and our soceity bit by bit with organic cotton into the name of "orgabits".
Copyright(c)2006 HOKKO Co.,LTD All Rights Reserved.@